Tyler Tech Podcast

How to Make State Parks More Accessible with Brian Ketterer

Episode Summary

June is Great Outdoors month, and coming out the pandemic, it seems peoples’ desire to get out and enjoy the outdoors has really exploded. And that includes visiting state parks. But often, there are barriers to access. In this episode, we learn about some of the barriers, and how California State Parks, with the help of Tyler’s NIC Outdoor + US eDirect, a market-leader for campground and outdoor recreation management, has recently launched some innovative programs to remove these barriers. Including ways to better serve underrepresented communities. In this episode, Bill Bryan, VP of North America of Tyler’s US eDirect, talks with Brian Ketterer, the Coastal Field Division Chief at California State Parks about these programs and how they align with Tyler’s message of diversity, equity and inclusion in outdoor recreation. Enjoy Bill Bryan’s conversation with Brian Ketterer.